Not Enough Time was based off a 2017 RSA brief. An animation was to be created to accompany one of two provided audio clips. It was to clarify, energise & illuminate the content of the audio.

I chose the audio ‘Not Enough Time’ by Tiffany Dufu. Dufu’s speech is aimed at women (& men) to realise they've too little time to be running around trying to live up to the expectation of others. They'll never be happy this way & will grow feelings of inadequacy. This video attempts to open their eyes to this through simplistic motion graphics, kinetic type & humour. Time & numbers dictate everything for the characters within the piece – if there was no burden of time or long to-do lists, everything would get done & the people would be content.

Two characters were also created - the Woman & the Robot. The bubbly shaped Woman is almost symmetrical in the beginning, but slowly becomes disproportionate under societal pressures as the video progresses. This is echoed in the Robot who enters in the last 10 seconds. Its excessive head size depicts that they're weighed down by their own thoughts & worries. It then breaks down as even a machine can't withstand the insane expectations.