Fear of the Unknown (FOTU) is a self directed project. The topic was chosen as a form of self therapy to combat a time of change in my life.

The goal of this project was to educate people on why and when FOTU occurs and to encourage them to persevere through times of change. Life is a journey full of twists and turns, but we will make it to the other side. FOTU was created using original typographic play, photography, photo-manipulation, illustration and animation. The book was the central piece. It was accompanied by a short motion graphic to introduce the topic. Road signage and related symbolism were used throughout the project to signify the journey of life and people's need for guidance in times of uncertainty and change. It is rusted to remind people that plans don't always work out and life gets a little messy sometimes. As the project progresses, the signage becomes vandalised as people become brave and no longer rely soley on advice of others to make decisions for themselves. It also brings in an element of humour, indicating people shouldn't take life so seriously.