AIT Life was a collaborative team project. We designed an issue of the magazine centring on mental health and an article on Niall "Bressie" Breslin.

Our interview with Bressie concentrated on his struggles with mental health and how he learned to overcome and manage his anxieties in the public eye. Bressie chose to name and separate his mental health from himself by naming it Geoffrey.

We used ink textures to represent the overwhelming darkness, loneliness, and pressures one battles during panic attacks and related mental illnesses. This "darkness" pushes the sufferer to the edge, which is reflected in the typographic placement - text heavy & tight leading. However, a moment of clarity occurs and a journey of recovery ensues. The ink starts to recede as the sufferer gains back control of their life.

My role was leader and insured the project ran smoothly and each team member carried an equal workload.